Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 5 Projects - Panoramic Picture Week September 20-24

This is the picture that I did for this week. It was originally four seperate pictures that I editted and then photmerged together.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 3 Layer, gradiant, & text projects September 7 - 10

I took this picture as myself and a few friends were driving down a country road. I added a layer that I found on This picture was a little hard to do a texture on, due to the fact that the sky is so light colored. I tried to add some color to it, but it just looked a little too fake so I stuck with the natural color. Overall I like this picture and how the texture makes the bottom and corners of the picture pop. 
This picture is one that I also took while we were driving on a dirt road. I again used a texture that I found on textureking. com. This picture looks a little fake, but I still kind of like the effect that the texture gives the picture. Also I tried to take the texture off of the post as you can see a little. I like the idea that I had going to begin with, but I don't think this is one of my better pictures.
Last week for our photography project I used a picture similar to this; however, this is a different picture of the same subject. To begin I cropped the picture to cut out some of the house and lawn chair, and then I made it black and white. Here I used the gradient tool to add some color to the gazing ball. I started out just making shapes and this is what I came up with. Once I had the designs done with the gradient tool I added a 'plastic wrap' effect to the colors. I really like the way the colors add to the picture, it looks a little like the frog has a kaleidoscope. :)
For the last two pictures I will be posting, I went to the internet for picture sources. This is kind of a cliché picture in a sense as you see the 'message in a bottle' a lot, but I thought I'd give it a try myself. I found the bottle picture on the internet and from there found an old looking letter and used it as a layer. I like how the picture looks and it was a very simple one to do. 
Here is my final picture for the week. I first came up with this idea because the 9th commemoration of the September 11th attacks is this Saturday. Again this is somewhat cliché in the sense that pictures like this have been created by many people all over the internet. As previously stated I got the elements for this from the internet. I added the flag as a layer and then used the text tool to add the text in the foreground. I really like how this picture turned out with the sun and the clouds showing through the flag.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 2 Photography Project August 30 - September 3

I took this picture at my home, outside on our swing set. It is one of the chains that hooks our swings to the wooden beams that hold the swing set together. I like this picture because I like the way the chain stands out from the background. I feel this demonstrates a strong center of interest, but also a different angle of perspective. I think this is a good center of interest because it sticks out from the background and it is kind of centered in the middle of the picture. I think this is also a good example of angle of perspective because it's a different view from what we normally see when we look at a chain.

This frog with the gazing ball is in the sandbox by the playhouse we have in my backyard. I like this picture a lot. I love how if you look closely you can see the colors of the sunset in the left side of the gazing ball as well as how the colors make the fence glow a little bit. I feel like this demonstrates the rule of thirds because obviously the frog is positioned off to the left side of the photo. 
I took this picture last summer at the Tennessee state capitol building in Nashville. I loved spiral staircases and I thought this one was really cool with the funky white metal designs all over it. This picture definitely is an example of angle of perspective. It gives you a different view of the staircase, and also the rest of the room. 
This picture is one that I took last summer also on a family vacation to the southwest. This picture was taken outside a little town in Colorado. This picture demonstrates the rule of thirds because of the leaf, but I think it demonstrates de-clutter the background as well because the fact that the background is blurred adds more to the picture.