Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 1 Selection Projects August 23 - 27

This week we worked on using the selection tools in Photoshop.

 For this image I used the selection tool to select myself and then transfer myself into the picture with Heidi. The story behind the original photo is that we were in Nashville for FCCLA last summer and walking downtown we came across a vent in the sidewalk where the air comes out of, so of course we had to snap a couple pictures. However, we couldn't both get in the picture together since one person had to take the picture, but with the help of photoshop now we are! I like how this picture turned out, but I do think I could have maybe done a little more touch-ups. But I don't think its too shabby for my first shot at this!

For this picture I used the selection tools to select the four crab apples in the foreground and then I turned up the brightness on them. Again in this picture I could have probably done a little better job selecting my subjects or at least fine tuning the edges. I definitely like the apples to the left a lot more brightened up, I feel like it adds a lot to the picture.

 For this picture I used the polygonal lasso selection tool to select just the wrestling mats. This tool worked really well because it allowed me to select just the central focus of the picture, the wrestling mats. After I selected the area I wanted to I inversed it and then changed the background to black and white.

In this picture I used the polygonal lasso tool again to select the area around Heidi and I. Once I had that area selected I chose to blue the background. I think that maybe I should have used a tool other than the polygonal lasso just because the corners are straight and not fitted around the subjects, making it a little less pleasing to the eye.